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February 9
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Ok so I decided to a gift giveaway since it's Valentine's Day upcoming 
and I need to spread some love <3
:: This Valentine's Day, Your Heart Is Mine :: by Sangrde

So be my Valentine?/shot

... For a randomly selected winner, I will give away my art print of your choice.

(any drawing of mine that is 'print inabled')
I will be directly purchasing them from dA store and send it to your address! 

Yes, I will be covering the shipping and all that, any location.


And for 10 20 randomly selected people, I will send them out 10 points each ; v ; ! 

Deadline: 2014-02-13 / Arizona time zone

So, you need to do...

1. Fav this journal.
2. Leave a comment (So I can give each of you a *number)
3. That's all?... ewe 

You don't have to be my watcher since it's Valentine's Day giveaway..but feel free to!

 I hope you participate...cuz rules are so simple ; v ; 


Kay it's 2/14 so this is closed.

The winners will be announced before 11:59:59 PM Arizona Time zone. It might be late but before 2/14/2014.

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