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Submitted on
December 1, 2011


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[Closed] Commissions Info

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 1, 2011, 10:21 PM

Only working on commercial projects at this moment --

For job inquiries, contact



★ I accept: ★
- Original characters 
-Concept art
-Ecchi/mild hentai

☆ I do not..: ☆
Uh... not so much.    Pretty much everything unless I need to put a mature content filter.

[But I have right to reject your request if it's not something interest  me, please don't get offended over this]

My paypal is

I only accept upfront payments now since half&half didn't quite work well some times.....

* When you send me a note, please do specify what character/scene you'd want WITH description and references, and please DO mention which option below you'd like.*
(If you reply on comment instead of sending a note, there is high chance that I'll miss it ^^)


TRADITIONAL or line art / sketch ★  no longer doing this!..

Please note: I've fixed some pricing and overall raised them bit

but excluded extra + options from now on.



  ★ Portraits,

 :: Yuki, the Snow Angel :: by Sangrde
:: Belzer of Flare :: by Sangrde

Kitsune WIP by Sangrde

:: Ciel Phantomhive :: by Sangrde

:: Empress WIP :: by Sangrde
  bust shot  

:: Reader WIP :: by Sangrde

 Twintail  Loli Girl by Sangrde 
 :: Elsa the Snow Queen Wallpaper :: by Sangrde
:: Oriental Vampire :: by Sangrde

Full body concept art 
   CLOSED :: Starlight Sorceress Adoptable :: by Sangrde

Detailed CG ~ :: Vampire in the City :: by Sangrde

:: Shoot-'em-up :: by Sangrde

:: Angel of Destruction :: by Sangrde

::  Lucius Harkenson :: by Sangrde

:: The queen of the Deathborn :: by Sangrde~ Space Invention ~ Cover by Sangrde

:: Seira J. Loyard :: by Sangrde

:: Night has never been Dark :: by Sangrde

:: Marygill the Sea Lady :: by Sangrde



★ -Plz NOTE for question / request with which style you'd like (I have more than one style ; u ;! ) . Thx.
Finished List

Done - List
:iconfrocto: AI - Black and White pencil illustrations for RPG Game Book 
:iconso-delish: Character full body
:iconmoneyopen: League of Legends Wallpaper
:iconnathandarr-malek: Video Game character concept design
:iconswiftthief: Original Character Bust Shot
:iconauffallend: Original Character  Bust Shot
:iconthehumanheart:  Original Character Bust Shot
:iconmiasmahex-vicious: Traditional Character Full Body
:iconyourartisgreat: Black and White Manga Pages [ Red Tea ] 
:iconfrocto: Angel monster concept art Black and White pencil illustrations for RPG Game Book
:iconlushuk: Outfit design for Pin-up Doll Game
:iconfrocto: Space Pirates Black and White pencil illustrations for RPG Game Book
:icondiscet: Card Back Illustration
:iconrobbierourke: Fitness Logo Design
:iconfrocto: (6) horns - Black and White pencil illustrations for RPG Game Book
:iconxtantrumx: Tatto Design
:iconchaoswinter: Character- pencil shade
:iconisabad:Back Tatoo Design Commission
:iconconscar: Logo design
:iconnibblekitten: OC Wallpaper + tutorial
Stickerthecat(forgot his deviant name) MMORPG game concept art
Patrick Cao(forgot his deviant name) Game character concept - Pencil shade
:iconmezzo-forte: Full body OC (November Fullbody discount offer)
:icondingo-sniper: sonic character  done
:iconvilereaver41: OC fullbody + BG $40 paid sketch done, Full paid
:iconkultcher: Game concept art Bloodthane / full paid / MALE
:iconnibblekitten: Semi-realism OC portrait + Tutorial
:iconmezzo-forte: Mako concept design
:iconseraphall: 2 Custom wallpapers $200
:iconsniggle-wiggle:  Guild war OC
:iconsoullessindustries: main female character
:icontheoneawaited: 2 Concept sketches 'Shiri'
:iconkultcher: Game concept art Bloodthane / female
:iconkultcher: Soulweaver game concept design - 
:iconhawkthunder: Alice PINUP poster 
:iconmezzo-forte: Another picture of Aurelia !
:iconsoullessindustries: Victoria concept 
:iconbloodravan: Couple bust shots
:iconkultcher: Soulweaver Female
:icontheoneawaited: Shiri concept 
:iconsoullessindustries: Catherine concept art + background
:iconelementgames: Game Pixel Icons Set [Pixel]
:iconsoullessindustries: Mira Concept art [Animal]
:icontheoneawaited:  Ray concept  [Semi-anime]
:iconkulture: Traceless FEMALE concept [Semi-anime]
:iconsoullessindustries: YUKI concept   +  pair of Axes design [Semi-realism]
:iconenorion: OC bust shot semi-realism styled avatar
:iconevaxephon: Character concept Sketches
:iconkalsagnia: OC head shot anime  
:iconkultcher: Game concept art -- Techsage [Semi-anime]
:iconocdreaming:Frost Wizard [Comic]
:iconozz-the-wanderer: Contest Prize sonice character [Sonic]
:iconkultcher: Game concept art  Kindleborne - coloring part [Semi-anime]
:iconganning59: Sketch on progress, 2 game characters FULL BODY  
:iconkickass222urmom: 2 OC bust shot / no bg [unpaid]
:iconocdreaming:Guardian female and male [Comic]
:iconquintoist: book cover half paid $140 [Semi-realism]
:金恵景: Japan TCG illustrations [ANIMU]
:iconocdreaming:Pathfinder female and male [Comic]
:iconnirelleth: 2 bust shots [Realism]
:iconahkward: pencil shaded OC [Animal]
:iconocdreaming: Mystics FEMALE & MALE [Comic]
:iconjesseneon:Aero Card illustration [Semi-realism]
:iconqueen-soulia: OC Head shot [Semi-realism]
:iconlee81e: Aegis Order Female concept [Semi-realism]
:iconjesseneon: Harpy the skyknight card [Semi-realism]
:iconstrxbe: black and white pencil concept full body [Semi-anime]
:iconvaz612: OC couple wallpaper [Semi-anime]
:iconhaseoblack: OC Full body Haseo [Semi-anime]
:iconaqua-spirit22: OC Full body Kaito [Semi-anime]
:iconaqua-spirit22: OC Full body Seika [Semi-anime]  
:iconlordhadrian: Star Wars fan art [anime cell shade] $340 ★★★★★  Paid
:iconkulture: Kindleborne Female concept Art [Semi-anime]
:iconjesseneon: Mellia the Seaspirit card   ★★★★★
:iconfelixthegrim: Sketch Done ★★☆☆ $100
:iconkulture: Traceless Male concept Art [Semi-anime]:iconkulture: SoulWeaver Male concept Art [Semi-anime] 
:iconkulture: Graveyard monster  concept Art [Semi-anime] 
:iconjesseneon: Cat Elf Card [Semi-realism] 
:iconmjknight1: G.I.JOE. Tank sketch [Semi-anime]  
 :iconmjknight1: G.I.JOE. Scarlett sketch [Semi-anime]  
:iconAmazonT: card set 6 illustrations
:iconjesseneon: Vampire Elf card 
:iconcatles:   cat NPC
:iconrinojr: Lust wallpaper:iconrinojr:  Wrath wallpaper
:iconrinojr:  Sloth wallpaper
:iconmagicpotion: Head shot 1 / paid
:iconcaptainheadbang: Christmas portrait / paid
:iconrinojr: Greed Wallpaper - sketch done /
Ryan Ollila / 2 paintings
Doru Apreotesei / 4 expressions - 3 done
 :iconmagicpotion: Head shot 2
:iconrinojr: Glutonny illustration
:iconrinojr: Envy illustration -
:iconanubiswolfe: Viol:Full body + bg  
iconWritingRin: Shinrai Headshot  
:iconanubiswolfe: Siselya headshot  
:icondynasty-dawn: Twillight Headshot
:iconarcades666: Book cover 
:iconkeyoshistorm: Solfee Full body  
 :icongobelinchantant: -> Falmise Headshot -> Full Paid
 :iconWakingThePoniver: -> Full paid 

 :iconmiseryandazaelyn: 3/4 body character+background -> Pending 
:iconariade: Half body [Paid] -> sketch done -> Pending
:iconneirahigarashi: head shot commission -> full paid 
:iconconquie: Aria Heart Fullbody -> Full Paid
 :iconjamal2504: Twilight Sparkle + Peter Parker Half Body -> Full Paid 
 :icontheimaginationnexus: Alvarin Halfbody [paid]
FairyTaleGames - cards (paid)
 :iconsoryian: Aegir and Aurora - full body [Paid]
:iconsoryian: Wallpaper

:iconahkward: Aros portrait
:iconaaawhyme:  Nala portrait
:iconizzymarrie: 2 oc portraits
:icontheimaginationnexus: Lucius bust shot ★★★★☆
iconPrinceLink:Tamiko Fullbody+BG  
:iconzashay: Yuki Portrait  
 :iconfriken27: Seira J. Loyard Portrait - color done
 :iconlilianthus: fullbody +BG - sketch done

 :iconhoundofthenight: Kohalu full body + BG  + coloring

:icontlovetech: Luce full body+ bg

 YeagerD OC bust shot

 :icontashaashbell: Cassis fullbody+bg


*Progress Not in order 

:iconfriken27: Sera Kang Fullbody

  :iconprincelink: Lily full body+ bg

:iconjeddaven: Drazenka full body+bg

:iconsayuko25: Eos Bust shot +bg

Skin by Gasara (modified by Sangrde)
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Veperine Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Am I missing the prices? Or am I just blind >.< your art is so amazing.
Sangrde Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
it's just that I'm not open at this moment >w< ;; haha thank you so much c::heart:! ~ 
Veperine Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh, so when you're open, you have your prices showing?
Sangrde Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
yea i 'll ^~^
ArtySpartyGirl Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Student General Artist
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ruamsa144 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Sayuko25 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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OMG These are so expensive but worth it ;;;;
I wish I could afford these!!
TashaAshbell Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
please tell me your still open for commissions :P
Rhoen1 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
Do you mind when people are REALLY specific? XD
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