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March 23, 2013
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Scarlet Goddess by Sangrde Scarlet Goddess by Sangrde
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My first concept was steam punk themed geisha, but it was changed while drawing ;w; So I'm not really sure what kind of fantasy it is set, She's my original character, she's like a flame goddess, yea her hair is made of flame and inside of her eyes is fire ^^; I think it's more fantasy than steampunk, yet I don't exactly know what type of fantasy it is ;;...

I drew this on Join Me on LIVE yesterday,

Thanks for people who watched my drawing there, it was so fun xD Everyone liked her hair color c:

Paint tool SAI used.
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I saw your pic in the Critique folder of :iconselftaughtartist: so i thought id give a go and giving you some constructive feedback, i hope it helps.

The piece is very well put together and has a great use of color, it is very bright and lively, maybe in future try adding some more subtle focus like changing the eye direction to coincide with the back grounds perspective this will give the viewer more of a global view an feeling for the piece.

try keeping the brushes similar also as the hair in the background doesn't really mesh with the foreground and while visually this looks nice individually it does seem to break up the picture slightly
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So much to say about this :) It's very striking and has a lot of impact from all the bright colors. Composition is nice but i would like a little more of her in the picture, here hair kind of dominates. As far as anatomy her face is lovely and i think you did a great job there, they eyes are large and lovely while still being realistic. Her completion is smooth and you blended the colors there well. Her lips really sparkle and that rainbow eyeshadow! So lovely. The background is also very striking without being distracting and I really enjoy the grunge look to it. You put a lot of detail into the hair, in a way almost too much, it doesn't have a soft look (yes I know it's made of flames) and is kind of stringy, I would like to see it blended together a little more. As much detail as you put into her hair and face... her body is suddenly lacking a lot of definition which is disappointing because everything else is so lovely! Another thing to think about, if her hair is made of flames they would be casting shadows and light onto her skin (colored light mind you). Consider looking at reference such as this [link] for inspiration for her hair. Over all It's a very nice picture, you obviously put a lot of time and effort into it. I hope to see more from you in the future, keep up the good work :)
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
2 out of 2 deviants thought this was fair.

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MatsOhrman Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Writing a critique on behalf of :iconselftaughtartist: because this was in the critique requested folder.

Very nice, vibrant colors. Great palette.

Like the brushstroke feel, especially in the background.

Nice, smooth lines in the hair - but there are perhaps too many individual strands - some cohesive locks would be nice.

The gold effect in the ear ring and arm jewelry is absolutely gorgeous - the necklace not so much, unfortunately. The rainbow eyeshadow is gorgeous too.

The face is unfortunately too distorted - there is a fish-eye effect with too much perspectivistic enlargement of the close eye. This leads to too little forehead and skull above the eyes, especially above the too-large eye to the right. The shoulder feels a little awkward, too. The individual eyes are wonderfully detailed.
SilverLizzy5 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm here on behalf of :iconselftaughtartist: because your piece was in the group's critique requested folder.

First of all, I think this is beautiful. I love how she is so detailed and the background is kind of washed out. The glitter on her face is very well done. I feel as though the silver curl on the side though isn't necessary. Also the necklace doesn't seem to line up with the curve of the body. But this is such an amazing picture and I love the colors in the hair.
Wesley-Souza Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
your work is one of the best submissions of the week [link] :iconthe-imaginarium:
CloakedSchemer-VI Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
So stunning and beautiful!!!! :,D
Icefire11 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
I'm here on behalf of :iconselftaughtartist: because your piece was in the group's critique requested folder.
I think that this drawing is abseoulutely stunning. The first thing that captured my attention was her hair, WHich you did an excellent job on. However, the hair at the top of her head looks a bit too stiff and unnatural. Also, the jewel on her necklace looks a little flat. Other than that, this is very lovely and one of my favourite pieces from you.
covert15 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This is stunning! Her hair is beautiful!
waiting-for-wings Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
She's very pretty! I love the hair!
IwantCocoMilk Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013
im sooooo haappy that i get to watch u draw this piece of ART~~~ //hur hur :heart:
asdaasdjh :iconkimocheeseplz: im so sry i left ur that day...:iconuhuhuhuplz:
DevilKnight292 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
It's titled "Steampunk Goddess", but I can't see any steampunk elements in the picture. None of it looks even vaguely Victorian so much as Fantasy Medieval.
Sangrde Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Oh I see what you mean, my first concept was steam punk but it eventually turned out differently while drawing,
I fixed the title but I'm still not sure what kind of fantasy it is, ..;ㅁ;//...
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