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December 13, 2013
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:: Rainbow Sea Elf :: by Sangrde :: Rainbow Sea Elf :: by Sangrde
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A random fantasy portrait piece I've done some months ago.. I revised itbit today...

She's a timid elf girl living under the sea . She likes humans but too shy to show up... C;

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This is beautiful! I love (LOVE) the way you have her hair and dress blues and greens with soft yellows but her lips and eyes especially are strikingly bright orange (or pink on her lips). I notice that you also gave her yellow blush, which makes her look glowy and cool.

I love her hair. It is SO FREAKING GORGEOUS I WANT IT. I do find, though, that the ends are a bit strange - almost like water drops, but it just looks a bit off once you notice them.

Her dress, or what you can see of it, is very pretty and goes with her necklace (the iridescancy of the necklace is hella cool, by the way, and I really like the shadow? sparkles? I don't know, the thing the necklace leaves on her skin because light is shining through it haha) quite well but also her hair and her eyeshadow. Nice work.

The piercings? Digging them. And the flower in her hair was a nice touch. Excellent work on making everything flow like it's underwater - it's hard to make things like that look natural, but you managed it.

Overall, this is amazing. I really like everything and there's not much to criticize but literally the ends of her hair. Though, her armband thing is a little strange - it appears almost part of her dress but then you notice the dress is sleeveless and I don't know, it just strikes me as a little odd. But excellent work. <3
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Let me start out with the good stuff I have to say!

I love the colours, they are delicious! I love how you use both cold and warm colours so effectively; they contrast each other very slightly, but not so the eyes get hurt or confused, but in such a way that it gives the viewer something flamboyant to look at. I love the bubbles (bubbles are the best XD), and they kind of make her look even more fairy tale like, along with the sparkles, it's absolutely beautiful!
I like the colour of her make-up and eyes (and the clever use of yellow/orange on her cheek and cheekbones, really clever ;) ), because it all makes her face stand out somehow instead of blending in with the surroundings, and it still matches everything else, because you have balanced the usage of certain colours so well. The end of her locks really make me a happy (and positively jealous) artist; since she is supposed to be in the water, her hair doesn't only flow lightly, like hair naturally would do in water, there's also air bubbles caught between the strands of hair, not only making her hair more shiny and gorgeous, it's an important detail adding to the obvious "she's in the water!!" that is already oh so obvious!

And her necKLACE OMG I am in loVE with the light that shines through the gem!! The necklace itself is pretty simple (and slightly unoriginal *cough*), but it goes surprisingly well with all the other details in the picture!

I just want to mention (before I start with the "bad" stuff) that I love all the shiny and the light in this portrait! Absolutely gorgeous!!

All right, now for the criticizing.

This is a portrait, so originality can be something out of the picture (haha, see what I did there, a pUN okay I'll stop now), though I took a look at your description (of course), and you mentioned she was a shy water elf (I love that idea, btw, super cute!), but it didn't exactly blow my mind. Of course, with it looking THIS motherfluffing good, that isn't exactly important, since it IS, after all, a portrait. The piercings isn't something I've seen very often, and I like them a whole lot (but then again I like piercings a whole lot ALL the time) and I like that despite that they are, well, PIERCINGS, they make her look royal, because they are golden and are combined with a gorgeous earring...!!

About vision, I think you do a good job in mentioning to the viewer, that this is something within the fantasy-genre, and it's about a creature, that lives underwater. Obvious, because bubbles, haha, but also the colours and the shiny going on. It's a portrait, but it's easy to tell that this is a fantasy character.

About impact, I am mostly taken by the gorgeousness in the picture. Her hair and face and the bubbles, I could go on; but it's not much else. Still, a good job, since it's a portrait...!

About your technique: I am a little, what should I say... disappointed? I don't know, in the surroundings? Her face is so detailed and beautiful, but for example her earring (the one with the blue stone on) is... it's too simple to her face. The colours play very well with each other, but more details, maybe some more and smaller stones would have been better. Also, while we are still at the ear, the shading seems a bit... off. The skin above the ear seems to blend in with the hair, and the ear looks a slight bit flat. Also, the angle of the lighting could have been from above instead, since she is in the water, instead of in front of her face... The background could also have been a bit better, maybe some distant bubbles would have done all the job, and also, I would have preferred it to be less light, since it could have shown more details in her hair if it hadn't been so light. The flower is a very nice touch, but you might want to work a bit on that (the style you used for her face and the style you used for the flower doesn't match up entirely...)

If I'd have anything to add, it's just that many more details would have been preferred. It would have complimented a lot to the style of her face, and her dress would look amazing. Though, don't fret, the picture is amazing and well-done; I love it a lot!! Critiquing it was a bit hard, and I had to be very, very harsh, but you don't have to be sour/sad/whatever of all the criticism; this portrait is beautiful, and you did an amazing job!!
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